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Time table

All times are given in Paris local time (UTC+02:00).

Monday, September 21 (UTC+02:00)

Welcome remarks
1.1 - Invited talk
Chair: Christophe Petit
  • Isogenies: what now, and what next?,Benjamin Smith
1.2 - Isogeny-based and Number Theoretic-based Cryptography
Chairs: Reza Azarderakhsh, Christophe Petit
1.3 - Multivariate Cryptography
Chairs: Magali Bardet, Rachel Player
  • Multivariate Encryption Schemes Based on Polynomial Equations over Real Numbers,Takanori Yasuda, Yacheng Wang and Tsuyoshi Takagi
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  • A Structural Attack on Block-Anti-Circulant UOV at SAC 2019,Hiroki Furue, Koha Kinjo, Yasuhiko Ikematsu, Yacheng Wang and Tsuyoshi Takagi
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  • Combinatorial Rank Attacks Against the Rectangular Simple Matrix Encryption Scheme,Daniel Apon, Dustin Moody, Ray Perlner, Daniel Smith-Tone and Javier Verbel
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  • Practical Cryptanalysis of k-ary C*,Daniel Smith-Tone
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  • A Rank Attack Against Extension Field Cancellation,Daniel Smith-Tone and Javier Verbel
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  • Generalization of Isomorphism of Polynomials with Two Secrets and Its Application to Public Key Encryption,Bagus Santoso
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Tuesday, September 22 (UTC+02:00)

2.1 - Invited talk
Chair: Tommaso Gagliardoni
  • Quantum computers - state of play and roadmap,Frank Wilhelm-Mauch
2.2 - Quantum Algorithms
Chairs: Tommaso Gagliardoni, Rainer Steinwandt
  • The Power of Few Qubits and Collisions -- Subset Sum below Grover's Bound,Alexander Helm and Alexander May
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  • On quantum distinguishers for Type-3 Generalized Feistel network based on separability,Samir Hodžić, Lars Ramkilde Knudsen and Andreas Brasen Kidmose
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  • Improved quantum circuits for elliptic curve discrete logarithms,Thomas Häner, Samuel Jaques, Michael Naehrig, Martin Roetteler and Mathias Soeken
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2.3 - Implementation
Chairs: Ruben Niederhagen, Rainer Steinwandt
  • Isochronous Gaussian Sampling: From Inception to Implementation,James Howe, Thomas Prest, Thomas Ricosset and Mélissa Rossi
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  • Efficient Key Generation for Rainbow,Albrecht Petzoldt
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  • Benchmarking Post-Quantum Cryptography in TLS,Christian Paquin, Douglas Stebila and Goutam Tamvada
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2.4 - Security Proofs
Chairs: Olivier Blazy, Thomas Prest

Wednesday, September 23 (UTC+02:00)

Closing remarks
3.1 - Invited talk
Chair: Damien Stehlé
  • NIST PQC Standardization Update: Round 2 and beyond,Dustin Moody
3.2 - Lattice-based Cryptography
Chairs: Elena Kirshanova, Damien Stehlé
  • COSAC: COmpact and Scalable Arbitrary-Centered Discrete Gaussian Sampling over Integers,Raymond K. Zhao, Ron Steinfeld and Amin Sakzad
    Read paper - Watch recorded talk
  • Short Zero-Knowledge Proof of Knowledge for Lattice-Based Commitment,Yang Tao, Xi Wang and Rui Zhang
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  • Compact Privacy Protocols from Post-Quantum and Timed Classical Assumptions,Jonathan Bootle, Anja Lehmann, Vadim Lyubashevsky and Gregor Seiler
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  • Defeating «NewHope» with a Single Trace,Dorian Amiet, Andreas Curiger, Lukas Leuenberger and Paul Zbinden
    Read paper - Watch recorded talk
  • Decryption failure is more likely after success,Nina Bindel and John M. Schanck
    Read paper - Watch recorded talk
  • Efficient Post-Quantum SNARKs for RSIS and RLWE and their Applications to Privacy,Cecilia Boschini, Jan Camenisch, Nicholas Spooner and Max Ovsiankin
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3.3 - Code-based Cryptography
Chairs: Philippe Gaborit, Jean-Pierre Tillich
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